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For Sale - 615 Gallon Combination Pot/Column Still

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We are upgrading our system and selling our 615 gallon combination pot/column still. We used this to make everything from vodka to whiskey. It is all currently dissembled and being cleaned. This still was used for 1.5 years. All of the parts are marked with a corresponding diagram of the still. 

We are currently asking $60,000 for the complete still. Please PM me if you are interested.




Still 3.jpg

Still 4.jpg

Still 1 (2).jpg

still 2.jpg

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Hey Jerome. The still his jacketed for a low pressure steam boiler. We only distill grain in and this still is great for that, though you can also distill grain out very well in this equipment. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Cheers, Winston

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Hi Winston,

i'm starting a distillery in Minnesota with no partners and not much money.  So I have a budget of $25,000.  If I loaned a few more would $28,000 be enough?

if so give me a call at 973-493-2667



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