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Is it necessaryto release builtup carbon dioxide during fermentation ?


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  Ive been reading up on the subject of making spirits and I found an article which states that one should use a special type of tool ( one that I dont know the name of in English ) to release built up carbon dioxide from your mash while its fermenting ,  without letting in oxygen . Id like to know if this process is indeed necessary and Id also like to ask about how to fit a contraption like that into a 30 liter barrel , since mine doesnt have a ready made hatch or what have you into which a contraption like that could easily fit into .


  Thanks ahead of time -

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If your 'barrel' has a sealed lid, you will need a way for the carbon dioxide to escape.  This is mostly an issue with beer brewing.  Large Brewers just run a tube from the top of their fermenter into a bucket of sanitized water.  This is to prevent oxygen, wild yeast, and bacteria from affecting the beer flavored.


However, that is beer that you are going to drink directly.  Many distilleries and most wineries have open top fermenters and take advantage of the local flora and fauna to add character to the ferment.  

Bottom line, it's a choice, but if you have a sealed fermenter, the carbon dioxide needs a way out.


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The yeast is producing enough CO2 that a hole (sized appropriately) and covered with cheese cloth is good enough to  prevent bugs etc from getting in. Oxygen doesnt just mix itself back into your wash/mash. It has to be reintroduced. This is why you do not do anything but gently stir after 24 hours of the yeast is pitched. A 5 gallon bucket with a 1" hole is great. Sugar washes and turbo yeast will blow the lid off using only a single air lock, if you do not knock down the cap. Different subject altogether but one reason I stay away from air locks

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