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200G non-jacketed mixing kettle - $4K

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200 gallon+ SS mixing/cooking Kettle, non-jacketed with geared 1.5 HP mixing head, 3 HP VFD controller and mixing paddle. Includes spare motor. This is one heavy duty kettle and was used to mix Candy, Jams and Jellies. Very strong, durable and in great shape (the leg pads are galvanized and have a little rust). Has a Tri-Clamp drain (looks like 1.5") on the bottom. I received as part of a bulk equipment purchase from a local food manufacturer.  

No idea who made the kettle itself but its very well made  I was planning on using it for future expansion but I need the space.   Could be used to mash wort when combined with a hot liquor tank and false bottom.  Or remove the mixer and put a column on it and make it a still.  $4K.  Kettles like this are on ebay for $8K+  Contact Kevin at Smoky Quartz Distillery or at kevin.kurland@smokyquartzdistillery.com

I also have a BIG 'side arm' shell and tube steam powered water heater I'll be putting up soon.  It could double as a big wort cooler also.






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Might be interested. But a little confused on the drain set up. It looks like it is coming out of the bottom center, but that also looks like where the agitator is fixed at the bottom. Does that block the drain? Does it have to be removed to drain?

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It must be the angle of the pic. The mixer is NOT attached the bottom.  The drain is bottom center.  The kettle can be drained without removing anything.  I also forgot to mention it includes a two piece kettle cover set (the covers are in place in the photos).  The VFD is currently setup for three phase input but I think it can be setup for single phase input(most VFD's can do this). I'll verify if needed..... I did see it operate correctly when I got it two years ago but haven't run it since.  I did not see the spare motor run but was told it worked,

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