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Distiller Wanted in SF

Absinthe Pete

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Still looking for a distiller, some experience they should have, said Yoda!

1.       In charge of making all spirits.

i.      Distilling Gin and Absinthe from Scratch, but starting with a neutral brandy spirit.

ii.      Making Rhum from scratch. Fermentation to spirit run.

2.       At times overseeing bottling.

3.       Tastings at Safeways around the bay area. We all chip in when the Safeway is in our areas.

a.       All tastings are either Friday 3-7 or Saturday 2-6. If you run out of product to sell from Safeway’s shelves you can leave. Happens quite often.

4.       Doing events when they come up.

5.       Sales if distilling is slow.

6.       Helping out with advertising/marketing in terms of promotion and online social media if things are slow.

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