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Head Distiller & Production Manager for New York Distilling Co.


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Production & Plant Manager for New York Distilling Company



Job Description:  Lead Distiller, Production & Plant Manager

Hours: Full Time, Salaried, Emergency on-call

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Reports To: NYDC Partners

Target Starting Date: November


New York Distilling Company is a premier independently owned / small volume distillery at the heart of the craft spirits movement specializing in gin and rye whiskey.

We are looking for a Production/Plant Manager and Primary Distiller to manage facility and head all plant processes, production of distilled spirits, and barrel inventory.


Production Responsibilities:

·      Running production in Brooklyn facility for our five brands, including distillation of gins and whiskeys, blending of whiskeys, rectification and infusions of Rock & Rye as well as potential contract work.

·      Oversight of upstate rickhouses, including inventory, storage and sampling of barrels.

·      Inventory, including ordering and maintaining relationships with providers of raw materials, package and dry goods.

·      Thorough record keeping using Whiskey Systems and auxiliary spreadsheets.

·      Familiarity with upstate facility and processes, ability to facilitate transfer and cooperation between Brooklyn Upstate New York facilities.


General Responsibilities:

·      Unyielding commitment to safety and familiarity with industry best-practices and OSHA guidelines.

·      Maintenance of Brooklyn facility including common mechanical maintenance; familiarity with boiler and steam systems; maintenance of pumps, hoses, tools and drains; everyday building maintenance.


Sales & Marketing Responsibilities:

·      Conducting on-site tastings when available or necessary.

·      Co-hosting events and tours at the distillery, occasionally interacting with investors, press and public to present a public face to the production of our spirits.



·      Strong professional experience in fermentation & distillation.

·      Ability to work independently as well as part of a small team.

·      Strong planning and organizational skills.

·      Fine sensory demands, including perceptions of color, smell & taste of products.

·      Understanding of Laboratory Operations / Quality Assurance / Quality Control, with basic knowledge of chemistry and biology.

·      Ability to operate a forklift and forklift certification (or within 2 months of employment.)

·      Physical demands of the job, including repeated lifting of 55lb bags of grain and maneuvering of empty and full barrels.  Fine manipulation of complex machines and instruments, long hours standing and walking, and handling of hazardous materials.

·      Ability to communicate clearly and authoritatively with partners, customers, press and public.




NYDC Distiller Job Description.doc

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