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where to buy 2 liter barrels?


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Does anyone have experience with buying small oak barrels. 2 to 5 liter.

1,000 Oaks have good ones but they are a bit expensive by the time they are shipped to Australia.

I purchased quite a few last year from a maker in Mexico. Price, timing, and freight were all very good but graphics not so good and some leaked, but overall good value.

I would like to buy more and am hoping for some discussion on value for money.



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Hey PeteB,

http://www.barrelsonline.com/  Is this the place you used from Mexico last year? 

I purchased some from here before and they seemed pretty good but like you said the graphics are poor.  We stopped stocking/selling these here at my distillery as they are so finicky / so many folks would not follow the instructions and end up losing most of the liquor they put in.  So many returns, questions, issues I just figured we could find some better merchandise to sell than the mini barrels.  No one has ever asked to return a t-shirt because it was leaking or they failed to follow the instructions :)


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