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Gin from Vodka?


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Hi everyone.


Looking to dip my toes into Gin Distilling and I have a small Alembic Still. After reading alot into the base spirit used, most seem to be using some form of Neutral Spirit. 

However this is very difficult to purchase in small quantities in the UK. 

My question is can you use Vodka (standard 40%) as a starting point and then move onto NGS later or would this be a pointless exercise?

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The strength of the alcohol will have an impact on maceration of botanicals if you are going to pot still the gin (and not vapor distill, where there would most likely be no difference).

However, not a pointless exercise.  If it is a small alembic, you might consider doing single botanical macerations and distillations, and building up a library of botanical distillates.  I think this would provide a significant amount of experience with the botanicals as well as building a very useful library to be used in future recipe development.




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Thanks so much for your quick response!

This is the still that I have so it comes with a sieve plate, so I presume Vapor distilling is a posibility: 



Does the low level of alcohol mean that the maceration process (if using the pot still method) would take longer? 

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