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800 Gallon Mash Tun for Sale


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Hi everyone,


We have heavy duty 800 gallon mash tuns with an 8hp agitators.  We have them in a tall model and a short squat model.  Our regular price is $32,000. but starting next Friday will will be having a 60 day sale and the sale price of these mash tuns will be only $26,000.00  We will also have all of our Pro series stills on sale with some as much as $30,000.00 off the regular price. We will be posting more info concerning this sale on ADI next Friday when the sale starts.  Our web site will also be updated next Friday http://distillery-equipment.com  Please see the info and pics below concerning the 800 gallon mash tuns.  We have several 800 gallon Mash Tuns in distilleries.  If anyone would like the contact info for those distilleries, just let me know pual@distillery-equipment.com  These also have optional cooling coils, for crash cooling. 417-778-6100

  • Steam Heat

  • 800 Gallon Operating Capacity

  • 920 Gallon Total Capacity

  • 18" Manway on top

  • Thermowell and Thermometer

  • Variable Speed 8hp Explosion Proof Agitator

  • Adjustable Legs

  • CIP Spray Balls in the Boiler

  • Insulation jacket

  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

  • 4" Drain Valve

  • Apollo Pressure Relief Valves on the Tank and Steam Jacket

  • Apollo Vacuum Relief Valves on the Tank and Steam Jacket



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