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Distillery, Equipment and IP


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Up for consideration is Appalachian Mountain Spirits. If you want a distillery with Virginia, DC, Maryland, Delaware, and Colorado distribution then take over the company. The recipes, brands, operations and equipment are for sale.  You can take over the current location or move it to where ever you want. $349k will provide you a debt free, business. We have barrels, whisky inventory, bourbon. single malt. Health issues forces me to call it quits. There are $30k of orders to be filled. You will have four years of hard work already done.


The company is now closed and selling off the equipment.

I will sell the whole show for $75k.


200 gallon custom pot still.

Steam Injection system.

Tanks, fittings, whisky, mash tun, or refit into a still.

Email me at appmtnspirits@yahoo.com

Serious inquires only.

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