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Used barrels for sale


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We have about 40, and more coming, once used whiskey barrels for sale.

These are 25 gallon, 2 year air dried American oak, #3 char, from Kelvin Cooperage.  The bungs are mostly on the heads. We are happy to provide another bung if you want to cut one in the side.

We age our 77 Whiskey in these barrels for 1-2 years.

Each pallet holds ten barrels, measures 48x48x66 and weighs 850lbs.  Price is FOB 11232.

I'm asking 125 per barrel for a pallet of 10 barrels, or I'll give you a discount for taking more than 10 barrels.

Thank you.

info at brkdistilling dot com

347 725 four nine eight five

whiskey barrels.jpg

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