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adding tasting room to existing distillery

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Do I need to submit anything to add a tasting room on to my distillery?  I have been operating for over 2 years, and local laws are changing to allow me to now have a tasting room.  I know you have to provide that info in the original plans, just didn't know if you had to resubmit. 

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If adding the tasting room changes any of the layout or usage of space that was included in the original submitted plan as part of the DSP, then yes, it has to be included in an addendum. Also, even if it is not in the space of the original DSP, but changes access to the DSP, you might still have to provide an addendum. You don't have to do a full resubmittal, just file through TTB online what is called a "Change in DSP Equipment, Construction, or Use of Building".

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