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Living Social vs Groupon

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We have had both for years. Initially, the Living Social outperformed. But then they kept changing their algorithm. Each time, it got less response. Most recently, Groupon was outperforming Living Social 20:1 for us. They clearly are addressing different parts of the market, but whatever Living Social was doing to make things better, it just made it worthless. When the most recent campaign ended, we decided to through in the towel on Living Social. Also, Groupon was more flexible on the margin terms than Living Social, by more than a factor of 2. Living Social also had an advantage that it ran Amazon in parallel, but then Amazon dropped out. Groupon has since bought Living Social, so we won't consider Living Social until we see it integrated.

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We used Groupon for the bulk tasting campaign and for Living Social we used that platform to book private parties.  Here is another tip, the more expensive your Groupon, the bigger the perceived value and the more you will sell.  We bundled a premium tasting for two with locally made chocolates made with our spirits, a premium cocktail, and a short tour for $60 retail, $30 on Groupon.  The higher the "perceived" value the more you will sell, a lot more.

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