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Gin Went South Over the Week


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I posted this in the technique discussion, I'll try it here:

We distilled our gin mash 2 months ago and have been playing around with our botanical formula. We had a great gin and as of last weekend it tasted great. This weekend I poured it in our tasting room and it tastes awful. The botanicals got super harsh and it tastes like the base got spicy. This happened to one bottle of our vodka in the past. Has anyone experienced this before? What was the issue and how did you fix it?  We think it might be the botanicals oxidizing with the air... Thanks!


The consistent ingredient between our vodka and gin is our wheat (both 50% of mash bill).

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What you did not say was how you were handling the introduction of the botanicals. Is this a compound gin, distilled gin, or redistilled gin? What botanicals? No one has even a chance of suggesting a solution with so little info, I would think.

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