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Mash Bill Question

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I am in the process of working with a local brewery to cook our mash.  If I have the following breakdown, can anyone tell me how many pounds of each ingredient I need for a 100 gallons (the total order will likely be 1100 in one order but even I can apply the math to 1100 gallons):

51% CORN

25% RYE




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You may be in for a challenge with that grain bill.  Assuming they have a standard wedgewire false bottom that much corn and rye will clog up tighter than a cat's butthole. Single malt? Absolutely.  Milled into a cornmeal consistency -- hardly ever.  Now, you could have them mash and then use a FIP to slurp the slurry and take it your place for fermentation. As for your question, whats the total size of the mash tun?

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