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Source of Funds TTB Application


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In the process of putting together initial application for DSP. We are 4 partners that have an LLC and in the TTB application there are required documents for each owner/officer. One of these is a Source of Funds SOF. They require a current bank statement and the previous 3 months of bank statements from each partner. I realize we are all going into business together, however, we may not all want each other to see our bank statements.

My question - is there a way to provide the info without compromising all this financial data to the other partners? Or has anyone else dealt with this and found a way to keep this private but still meet the TTB requirements?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey bottle,

We have a very similar situation (4 co-founders with total financial support coming from us), and when I talked with a rep from the TTB, she indicated that we needed to show our company's bank records, as well as three months bank statements from each individual and a record of our personal money going into the company bank (i.e. check deposit to our company acct from the individual acct). If what falling rock is saying is true, it was not reflected in our conversation with TTB...

One other thing though. I think you can add your own SOF as an attachment on your personal OOI registration portion and then refer to that in the general application. That way your personal bank records can stay discrete, but the TTB should still be able to reference your bank statement through you OOI.... Don't trust me on this one, but I was hoping we could do it this way- still need to confirm.

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5 hours ago, Falling Rock said:

I put a set amount of money in a specific account and show them that statement. They don't need to see your total worth or a personal balance sheet.

They don't want the total worth but they do want to see bank statements of where the month came from.  

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On 4/28/2017 at 4:05 PM, 3d0g said:

This one was a bit of a head scratcher for me too. How much is the TTB looking for? I just submitted the bank statements as requested. 

Same here, how much do we need to show in our bank statement.  Who is to say whether 100K or 150 K is enough?  Doe TTB ask for detailed financial sheet in the application?

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