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Selling off the farm, MUST GO!

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We are selling off extra equipment.

Must go!

480 gallon Mojoinner Bros. steam jacketed still. about 36"-38" dia. x 8' -9' tall asking $26,000 OBO

it has 3 different zone for steam heating.

this unit has to have some work done to it. We can do everything for you if you wish for a price.

3 plate chillers

from Muller Tank CO. asking  $150 each

1. two of them are about 4' or 5' by 4' or 5' and about 2" thick

2. one of them is about 2' by 8' and about 2" thick

Electric Shrink tunnel, FULL BOTTLE SHRINK, used, - $4000

Runs on 1-phase 220v, can run off of 3phase-220v 

This unit will shrink full sized bottles.

200 gallon round tank , used, stainless steel - asking $500

345g closed top Stainless IBC tote, used- asking $1450

350 g round closed top -round  tote, used super nice- asking $1750

330 g round closed top -round  tote, used super nice- asking $1750

conveyor belts coming soon.....will have new listing

Questions please ask or call or e-mail



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