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Chemical Engineer looking for Entry Level Available Immediately


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I have recently received my Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering, and I am looking for a job in the distillation or brewing industry. I have ample experience from a theoretical standpoint, as I have completed two design projects in my senior year. I also have technical experience from a year of undergraduate research and a yearlong part-time engineer in the manufacturing industry. From here, I would like to gain experience in the operation and running of a distillery.

My two senior design projects focused on the design and implementation of biodegradable medical waste dishes. Our team also focused on the development and analysis of a large-scale ethanol production plant, with a preliminary economic feasibility analysis. Whereas this experience was all modeled, I became very familiar with the manufacturing process, as well as the important role economics play in any industrial process. During this plant design product, I gained vast experience and knowledge while trying to understand the fermentation and distillation process, which is very appropriate for alcohol production.

In addition, I also gained experience as an undergraduate research assistant. The goal of our research was to try to identify the mechanism associated with a specific reaction, to try to limit the unwanted byproducts of said reaction. The reaction was an important step in research that aimed to produce alternative fuels from a biomass raw source. This experience gave me useful problem-solving skills, as well as experience with various lab equipment.

In addition to schooling experience, I also obtained experience from a local ceramic manufacturing company as a part-time engineer. The first half of the year I worked with a group of four engineers, trying to reach the pilot scale level of a process used to remove rare earth metals from industrial waste. The second half of the year, I worked with quality engineers to ensure that all products met customer specifications and that the process remained streamlined to certify on time delivery as well as customer satisfaction.

From my experiences in schooling and industry, I believe that I would be an excellent fit as an entry level distiller, but my broad experience would be useful in many other areas. If anyone has an opportunity for someone like myself, please feel free to contact me at my email below. My resume, references, and any other pertinent documents are available upon request. I currently reside in Buffalo, NY but would be more than willing to relocate elsewhere. I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Miera


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Even though you are very well educated, you might find you need to do a brief internship at a distillery before being employed. We recently did that with someone who had recently graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering. Within 3 months, they were working almost full time with us as an assistant distiller. Many distilleries do something similar.

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