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Output and Revenue

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I am in the process of writing my business plan. I have read through this forum for a couple months, the home distiller forum and the Australian distiller forum.

Ive calculated the cost per bottle down to the electric and water needed for the runs. If anyone could send me a PM and spare a couple minutes to let me know if my numbers are anywhere in the ballpark.


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6 hours ago, Silk City Distillers said:

Stop by I'm around this afternoon.

Im about an hour and a half south of you, exit 80 on the parkway. PM me your availability next week if you don't mind. I'm a high school teacher and school ends Monday.

6 hours ago, Falling Rock said:

Well, what are your numbers?

For a 750ml:


Federal and State Tax=$3.50

Rum Ingredients=$2.15

Vodka Ingredients=$1.25

GNS/Vodka Blend=$0.85

We didn't factor in labor yet. My sister and I have full time careers with a ton of free time. We did factor costs of utilities into the ingredient costs. 


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