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4 Hands Brewing Co. is looking for a head distiller


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4 Hands Brewing Company, located is St. Louis Missouri, is looking for a passionate, creative, experienced distiller to join the team! We have paved our path as a brewery over the last 5 years and have begun our next journey into the world of spirits. Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years of experience. Our focus will be Whiskey, Bourbon, Apple Brandy, Seasonal Gin, as well as Amaro.

* We will pay all relocation costs.

* Work will be Full-time.

* 100% Health Insurance included.

* 401K after a year of employment

* Competitive salary

Please send all resumes to Kevin Lemp at Klemp@4handsbrewery.com


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This is a great company full of incredible people making amazing beer! I'd apply if we weren't running our own distillery! Haha. Seriously though, anyone considering a move should really look at this.



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