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Alaska distilleries need your help


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The Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board is considering prohibiting distilleries from serving our distilled spirits with non-alcoholic mixers in our tasting rooms after having that ability for over 3 years since the passage of a tasting room bill in our state legislature.  Please help support us by submitting comments to our state's ABC Board and Legislators.  Please go to the following website for more information:



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Hi whiskeytango,

No, we cannot "act like a bar".  Unlike a bar, we are limited to serving only 3 ounces of the product we make on site per person per day.  We are limited in the hours we can be open and we cannot serve past 8:00 pm.  We cannot have seats at the bar.  We cannot serve just any alcoholic beverage; no beer, wine, or spirits made off sites like bars can.  And we cannot have entertainment, pool tables, or televisions.  So, no, it is VERY different from what a bar license can do.  And we are required to make all the product we serve from scratch.  All we are doing is presenting our 3 ounces of product to the customer in the way the particular product is intended to be served.  Thank you for your question.


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