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Best 3000sf Building!!!


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Sorry about placing this in the General discussion.The reason is no real good place to put it otherwise. I originally posted a 3000 square foot building 50 by 60. I'm wanting to learn from the mistakes and successes of the members here in the Forum. If you would not mind please sharing your floor plan drawings, in order that I may review the rearrangement of access Andy Griffith, along with the workflow in the building. I know many of you have through trial and error found the best route, and I'm hoping that you will help me to find this route without spending an extreme amount of money, since I don't have extra to spend on a mistake, it could be the end of the venture. Thanks so much in advance Wilder. Baby Beagle Distillery LLC

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3000 sf is enough you should divide up into Production, Process, and Storage. But specifics inside that are so dependent on your plans for production, it could be misleading to look at someone else's plan.

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