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Standard Operating Procedure


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I am looking to put together a Standard Operating Procedure document for our state, and for future employees (also possibly for the FDA?) Is DISCUS good place to get a template for this? Is anyone willing to share a template? It will be tweaked for our unique plant but am looking for somewhere to start. I put this in "Safety" because I would imagine that will/should be first and foremost in any SOP document. Thank you!

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Your SOP is almost certainly going to be unique to your distillery. I would start with the DISCUS Recommended Fire Protection Practices and make sure your SOP conforms to DISCUS Guidelines, also if you'll be milling grain it would be good for you to read the OSHA Milling Safety Guidelines.

If your SOP is merely to satisfy a requirement by the government, to approve your distillery, it is better to keep the SOP simple and to the point, as inspectors will rarely have an understanding of what happens in the distillery. 

Shoot me a PM and ill send you a copy of the SOP I put together to get city inspector approval on a distillery

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Thanks Cap'n, will do. I figured this topic wasn't going to get a ton of traction...I really appreciate your input.

I also found a good starting point from the Brewer's Association. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out https://www.brewersassociation.org/educational-publications/good-manufacturing-practices-for-craft-brewers/

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