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Permanent FET Reduction


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Hi Friends,

Id like to share with you a letter from the ACSA regarding permanent reduction of FET please give it a read and take action as this effects all of us distillers and we must act now to keep it.



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PT's words couldn't ring any truer.  One thing I've herd mentioned was the expense to go.  So this is what is cost me last week to attend.  

Travel cost, air, parking gas to Boston. $687. Lodging $987. Food (you have to eat anyways) $218 Lyft $104.  Total $1996. And we saved over $8000 on this years first quarters FET payment. So we still saved over $6000 in one quarters FET payment. 

So the moral of the story is not it cost to attend these Washington DC trips BUT what is it going to cost you in 2019 when the FET reduction expires. We all need to pull the rope in the same direction. When the next DC trip is arranged I expect you all to attend and support the work of others, that is saving you a HUGE amount of money to reinvest in your business. 

And thanks to all that DID attend this and last year.   And all the people that made this possible.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions 207-363-9322




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