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Simple, Cheap Temperature Probe and Readout


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I am looking for ideas on simple digital temperature probe readouts to monitor vapour temp and water temp in our dephlegs.  Nothing sophisticated as we use manual controls but really just want to see the temperature with accuracy.  Something where the readout is separate from the probe as our vodka column is 18' in the air so we would want the readouts away from the dephlegs.

Trying to avoid anything overly pricey or complicated...looked into RTDs with an electronic readout but figure there has to be something simpler out there that someone has done.




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I use cheapo panel mount digital thermometers from AliExpress $1.85 each. They are available with 3 or 10 foot chords. You might find them with longer chords.

I always use them in pairs because I just can't trust anything that cheap, even if they have never malfunctioned. Stuff both probes into the same thermometer well and the readings are always within 0.2C . They are much more accurate than the stainless steel analogue thermometers the still came with.

I stick all the readouts together on a vertical panel about eye height, using double faced foam sticky tape.

They run on 2 button batteries (included). There is no on/off switch... they are always on. I haven't had a battery go dead in the 1 1/2 year I've been using them. They are not advertised as waterproof, but they survive regular splashing.

I buy them by the dozen. They get used in the yogurt maker, the refirgerator, the beehives etc.



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