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Distiller: Blackwater Distillery

Blackwater Distillery has already made a name for itself as a producer of innovate and award-winning gins. Now we are moving to a new home and starting the production of Irish Whisky and that’s where you come in.

The role 

Blackwater Distillery is seeking a suitably qualified distiller as we expand into the production of Irish whisky. Our new micro-distillery is due to open in September so the post is available with immediate effect.

Working with our Creative Director Peter Mulryan, this position is focused solely on the production of Irish whiskey both malt and Irish Pot Still. We are not just looking to produce one or two types of spirit, but rather a whole range of pot still products. We therefore need someone with a huge amount of enthusiasm and energy, but with a real grasp of the brewing process as we will use a lot lesser-used grains.

The position is based in Ballyduff, West Waterford (near Lismore); so it’s off the beaten path.

It is critical that applicants have all appropriate qualifications and is fully expert in all aspects of the brewing and distilling process, stock control, quality assurance and health and safety issues. 

Job Description Distiller Blackwater Distillery

This is a senior position and involves a wide-range of responsibilities including brewing, distilling, holiday cover for gin production, quality control, product testing and sourcing raw materials.

They will also be required to interact with trade, press, and members of the public both in the facility and at trade shows.

Responsibilities of the Distiller

·       Manage day-to-day operations of whisky production
Scheduling and production including including help with the sourcing of raw materials, malting, fermentation, and distillation.

·       Designing a comprehensive sampling and recording programme
They must create a program which samples and records the quality of the product produced and ensures the quality standard is maintained at all times

·       Maintain process logs
Each phase of the distillation process must be logged and detailed records should be kept to ensure Revenue compliance and that the product meets quality guidelines laid out in the associated GIs

·       Brand promotion
As requested by management, the Distiller will engage with customers/tour participants, the media, other distilleries and wholesalers to promote the distillery and its products.

·       Maintain hygiene and safety standards
The Distiller must ensure care is taken throughout the distillation process to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and safety.

·       Education The Distiller will have the appropriate academic qualification in brewing and distilling.

Key Skills

Some of the key skills which they will use on a regular basis include:

·       Advanced knowledge of all process involved with brewing and distillation

·       Well-developed sensory skills for tasting and evaluating spirits

·       Strong scientific knowledge

·       Dynamic, energetic and solution orientated

·       Managerial skills

·       Excellent communication skills and public speaking skills

·       Must be very methodical, logical and detail orientated

·       Quality control skills

·       Strong computer and mathematical skills

Working environment

·       Lifting 25kg, carrying, pushing, pulling & climbing, bend, kneel, reach and fine manipulation

·       Processing / loud noise

·       Fluctuating temperatures

·       Fast paced, meticulous work on a daily basis

·       Deadline pressures during day to day operations


Contract: Full Time, one-year contract (3 month probation)

Salary: Competitive Salary

Location: Ballyduff, West Waterford, Ireland

Closing Date: 31st July 2018 17:00 hrs

To apply for this position please send your cover letter and CV to hello@blackwaterdistillery.ie

No post thanks.



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Just to clarify as we have had a few emails already. YES we are very open to hiring an American, in fact that's the primary reason for placing the advert here on 4th July! Personally I find American whisky the most exciting category in the World, just so much innovation and so much good whisky. At Blackwater Distillery we want to push the envelope of what is possible, not seal it shut. So if you fancy at least a year in the sunny south east of Ireland please do get in touch. Peter Mulryan

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