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Tariffs Affecting Equipment Prices

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I just had to pay over $31,000.00 in tariffs on one cargo container load of stainless steel sanitary parts and components.  I bring in around 2 containers per month.  Unlike most of my competitors, I decided to wait until I was actually charged the 25% tariff to raise my prices.  Effective today our prices will increase by 12.5%.  This is a very small increase considering that most of our competitors increased their prices 25% or more already.  These tariffs affect most other US manufacturers just as much, because over 86% of stainless steel used by US manufacturers is imported from China and well over 90% of all stainless sanitary parts used by US manufacturers are imported from China.  All of our quotes are good for 60 days, so if you have received a route from us that is less than 60 days old, you can pull the trigger before the quote expires and save a significant amount.

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