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What kind of still?


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Feasibly you can get a still that can make just about anything. While there are specialty stills (Alembic is really nice for whiskey and brandy, not so much for vodka) -- you can get stills to multi-task. Currently we are using a column still for vodka, brandy and aged spirits. It can also handle gin and infusions -- though we have yet to put this function to the test (gin basket).

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one thing to consider is that a still capable of making Vodka will be quite expensive. it also wont be best suited for your Rum, Whisky, Gin and the like. it is designed to run at very high proof and this strips the flavors out that you'd want for your other stuff. it is possible, just not gonna be perfect. Some columns are by-passable and you can always open plates. Some folks may run a vodka still for many things without any problem or regrets. with any different spirits, you'd have to thoroughly clean the still so as to not mix flavors. This can be taxing. I have built a tube-in-shell condenser that accompanies a Vodka still to by-pass the column at the pot. This creates an easier to clean Pot Still and allows full flavor to pass through. If you are looking at the "big guys", just know that you wont be confined to only making the hot stuff. Good luck!

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