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250gal Totes of 5yo Bourbon for sale

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Hey Guys,

We have about 5 totes of extra bourbon we would like to offer for sale. Would be happy to send samples. They are 250 gals at 115 proof. Please email me at joe@questbrandsinc.com. We can only sell to someone with a DSP and that can transfer in bond.



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I seem to have a lot of recurring questions. I hope this will clear things up.

This product was taken out of 53 gal barrel on 7/23/2018 then blended for a few weeks. We put it in totes on 8/9/18. This is a blend of 5-8yo barrels so it is a true 5yo bourbon. Mash bill for all barrels is 75% Corn, 20% malted Rye, and 5% Barley. The Barrels are #3 toast and #4 Char.   We are asking $12,400.00 per tote. Let me know if you would like more information or samples.
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