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  1. Early Sales, Consistent Sales

    I'm roughly in the same situation, started selling in August, biggest individual sale 24 bottles. A lot of people have said this before on this forum: you're not running a distillery, you're running a marketing and sales company that also makes booze. I'm going to make a few hundred bottles in one go (one day distilling - one day botteling) this week. Why? Ingredients have already been paid, and I need all the time for sales. If you got the time you may ask your resellers if they need any help pushing your product on a busy day (Saturday?), or their Christmas fair. Use the opportunity to talk to their customers, see if there are any bars, restaurants or hotels you can convince to put your product on their "menu" - repeating sales!
  2. Anyone running a Dragon Still?

    I suppose you mean Still Dragon - yes I do, but it's a modular system so almost every one is different: Potstill, filled column (CM), bubblecaps... Better to explain what your producing and what kind of column you are thinking about first. BTW: mine's a massive 8" potstill, all stainless for gin and jenever.
  3. 50 ml carton: how many wee bottles?

    Also depends whether the reseller opens the box and sells the individual bottles, or resells the whole box to a hotel for minibars (as an example).
  4. Spirit Still Cooling System

    No13Distilling is from Canada, so I guess they use the same temperature scale as most of the world - Celsius In both scales -50 is frikkin cold, no discussion needed
  5. Gin Fragrance

    As Silk City already stated, fixatives. Try to add a bit of orris root, maybe 1/100th of the amount of juniper you use.
  6. Help!! Body Density Mouth fell

    Glycerol or sugar. Almost every single russian vodka seems to contain a bit of sugar, and many in the western world have copied that.
  7. Hi, anyone else noticed that every time you go to "Unread Content" and read a few articles one article that you've already read shows up again? I read everything from the end of April 2017 but since a week or so I keep seeing postings from July and beginning of August again and again, just one or two each time Paul.
  8. Already read content resurfacing

    Nope, no new answers to these old threads. I've attached two screendumps, I've read everything between half April and yesterday but some messages from the 18th and 17th of August (and more) are visible again - just about one for every NEW (or extremely old unread) I read. I clicked on the subject, "Supply Chain", no new answers there.
  9. Already read content resurfacing

    It's driving me mad, every single article I open from the "Unread Content" screen seems to add one random article from the last few months to the list, most from between the 11th and 15th of August. I see four articles from the 11th of August, read one, back to Unread Content - 3 left. Good. Open another one, back to Unread Content - three left again, but not the one I just opened. Aaarrgh! It doesn't matter which browser or OS (Windows/Mac) I use.