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  1. This still has been sold. Roberto.

  2. roberto

    Ceiling height

    Joseph, Looking forward to your small unit continuous still. I have 18' ceiling. Put me on your waiting list. Roberto.
  3. Cris, Since you're not going to let me join please send my check back. Thanks and have a nice day, Roberto.
  4. Odin,

      Do you have a Gin class in Amsterdam. Thanks, Roberto.

    1. Odin


      Hi Roberto,


      We have one in November, but that's already overbooked. Next one in Amsterdam is ... beginning of February. We do have a gin demo in Madison mid December and a 3 day certified workshop around January 21th in Utah ..


      Regards, Odin.

    2. roberto



        The one in Utah sounds good. Where can I get more information. Thanks, Roberto.

    3. Odin


      Hi Roberto,

      Can you give me your email address, so I can have you emailed some info?

      Regards, Odin.

  5. roberto

    Ceiling height

    Stumpy, Not running yet. It's a work in progress. Roberto.
  6. roberto

    New equipment

    Vodkaman, I have had good luck with StillDragon. But they don't have a copper pot. Call Larry. 954-298-9505. Roberto.
  7. roberto

    Small pot still wanted

    Try Larry at Stilldragon. 954-298-9505
  8. roberto

    Ceiling height

    This is the continuous still I'm working on.
  9. roberto

    Ceiling height

    I have 18'.
  10. roberto

    Still Quality vs Price

    I have a Still Dragon. It is a modular system.http://stilldragon.com
  11. The Arnold Holstein is sold. I want thank some of the Members for looking. Some of the other Members that are low ball trolls, go back under your bridge.
  12. NEW PRICE! Reduced to $32,000. USD / cash F.O.B. Arnold Holstein 300 liter still (new) Type SH 900 with CIP system, copper catalyst Serial # 8164 / Made in 2007 If you contact Holstein to purchase a new still, the production wait is NINE MONTHS. You can own this NEW still tomorrow! Click link for photos and contact info... http://arnoldholsteinstills.com
  13. roberto


    For a still check out http://stilldragon.com they have a modular system.
  14. roberto

    Distill your own water for proofing?

    Germain-Robin in Northern California uses filtered rainwater.