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  1. Rhum Agricole

    Sugar washes crash. closer to 4 is better. Up the nutrients. There is hardly any in sugar. Something for the yeast to cling to helps like yeast hulls. agitate. Defiantly up the temp 85-90 range. Sugar washes will go slower then molasses they just poke along. More then twice as long as molasses in my experience. Im not spending a ton of money on nutrients though just enough to keep it healthly
  2. Schizosaccharomyces pombe

    Isolate the wild yeast from the cane and develop it
  3. Nonstick coating for steam coils

    We have steam coils inside or pot still. Quite a bit of yeast will get baked on there and it a pain to remove. We coat the coils with a good grade grease which helps a lot. Has anybody out here used a product they like or have a similar problem? Thanks