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  1. Blue Sky, are you still looking for a filler? I have an almost brand new 8 Head APOF filler with auto capper.



    Filler 2 (1).JPG

    Filler 2 (2).JPG

    1. Blue Sky Distillery

      Blue Sky Distillery

      Hey Dan - a little more than I was looking for. ...Thanks anyways!

    2. Dan McCall

      Dan McCall

      No problem! ? 

  2. Hello fellow Virginia Distiller....Feel free to give me a shout if I can help!
  3. Sudzie - What are you asking for the Mori?...PM me if necessary
  4. Looking for a gravity bottle filler, 2 or 4 spout in good condition.
  5. I am interested in the bottle filler. Willing to part out?
  6. Try Philadelphia Security Products
  7. I Have got to give Blue Label props....Nice print work and some of the best support and responsiveness out there!!
  8. I left Tapi due to their VERY poor service and responsiveness. Will not go back there nor can I recommend them to anyone....Just my experience!!
  9. I have a much smaller setup, but have a small reservoir and heat exchanger for the cooling water for both the deph and the condenser. This setup has worked great so far. The required reservoir size would be dependent upon heat exchanger size, flow rate, and heat generation from the still.
  10. Yes, I have....soft/hard and red/white. Personally, I cant detect any difference in vodka due to the neutrality from the distillation.
  11. Ive experimented with both soft/hard and dont notice any difference in taste or smell.
  12. I have excess Novozyme enzymes that I will not be able to use in a timely manner. I have Alpha-Termamyl ($10/pint), Gluco-Saczyme ($10/pint) and Beta-Viscoferm ($25/pint). Shipping will be flat rate of $10 anywhere in continental US. Please mail me directly with any questions or interest.
  13. I had the pleasure of visiting Dragon Distillery and discussing the still in detail with Rusty Figgins. Quite a nice unit!!. It is equipped with isolation valves and can run on one or both units.
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