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  1. I was really worried about my business going into this but something crazy is going on. Our sales have been increasing for all sizes of distillery equipment and sanitary parts. We have sold several medium sized stills in the last 3 weeks and we have been selling some large stills but the small still sales have gone nuts. We had over 70 online orders for 5 to 26 gallon stills and sanitary parts over the weekend.
  2. There is also the option of macerating in the pot. The best option depends a lot on whether it is going to be a dedicated gin still or a multi purpose still. However in my opinion, a stand alone gin basket close to the final condenser is the best option.
  3. When it's time for you to order your stripping still give me a holler: paul@distillery-equipment.com
  4. Josh, What you want to do is doable. Contact Spirex Sarco about a steam sparger and filters. They should be able to answer your technical questions and get you lined out on how to plumb your mash tunetc. If you would like a price on a steam injected mash tun with crash cooling email me paul@distillery-equipment.com.
  5. Bluestar, I think that you may be right about the acidity. i just had a customer the other day ask if we could line the inside of a stainless still with PTFE because they will have some highly corrosive chemicals in the pot. They are not distilling beverage ethanol. Also lead solder was used in still pots in the old days. Normally they only used it in the pot or in the upside of the vapor path. Only idiots used it in the condenser or down side of the vapor path, for obvious reasons. They believed then that the lead could not climb the vapor path. I can't say either way and I would certainly never use it on any part of a still or drink anything from any still where lead was used in any way.
  6. I certainly wouldn't distill 20 times for vodka in a pot still. Titos Vodka is worth over $1,000,000,000.00 last I heard. Talk about a success story. Someone told me a few weeks ago that they have grown so large that they may start making their own GNS because it will lower their costs. I guess they have came full circle.
  7. Our vodka stills have 20 plates so that you can do 21 distillations in one run. They are pot stills. They are not continuous. paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.com
  8. Try Rusty Cox. The stills that I sold him put out over 100 gallons of white dog for bourbon per hour. I believe that he has good bourbon in the barrel at a great price. Rusty Cox 1167 Davis Valley Road Rural Retreat VA 24368 Cell: 757-593-1055 Email: davisvalleywinery@hotmail.com
  9. Our Ultra Pro Vodka stills can distill from 25% to above 190 proof and everything in between. Running low wines from a stripping run you can distill to 120 proof, 130 proof whatever you like 120 or above. Our Ultra Pro Whiskeys stills will do the same as the above with the upper limit from two runs being 180 proof. Below is one of our Signature Series, Ultra Pro Vodka Stills with Gin Basket.
  10. Hi Nate, I will get the drawing and pricing over to you Monday. I need the phase and voltage of your electrical system to give you complete specs? paul@distillery-equipment.com Thanks.
  11. We just completed the jeweling on this still. Congrats to my employee Nate for a job well done. if anyone is interested in this still just let me know. It is in stock and ready to go.
  12. If you want to get around that you can store outside in a UL 142 listed stainless tank and it is looked at like an above ground fuel tank. You can store several thousand gallons that way with no sprinkler system needed, but you will first need to check with your city fire and safety inspectors as their may be issues because of your location if you are in a city or town.. I store my ethanol in outside tanks and my fire marshal has no issues with it. If you use storage vessels over 120 gallons or so they will need to be UL listed even if they are indoors. Also you can not store in any type of plastic. paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.com
  13. MaconBooze, If you purchase one of our Ultra Pro Vodka stills with Gin basket you can make any spirit that you like. You can use it for stripping runs, Vodka runs, whiskey runs and anything in between all by just actuating the bypass valves and opening and closing the plates. I really like the name of your distillery. Are you in Georgia? Anyway email me paul@distillery.com and I will quote you for what you need. Thanks.
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