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  1. Southernhighlander

    Need Distillery Equipment Consultant

    I can give you free consulting concerning equipment. If you don't want to purchase equipment from me after I advise you that is no problem. I can even do it on here if you like. First I have some questions that will help me suggest the correct equipment for your needs. Please answer the questions with as much detail as possible. What spirits will you be making? What inputs will you be using to make your spirits, such as grains, fruits, etc? How many 750mL bottles do you want to produce per month? Thank you.
  2. Southernhighlander

    Boiler Installation Costs

    I made 2 mistakes. It was a little over 31 K and it was in VA not Alabama. It was a 1 million BTU Rite Boiler. He did one for another customer of mine in NC and another in TN. I'm not sure what those cost. He is a very good steam fitter who is licensed in VA, but somehow he got temp license in NC and TN. If I remember correctly, he said that he could not get temp licensing in most North Eastern states for some reason. Maybe it is because they are Union, but I'm not sure. The VA install was almost 7 years ago. It seems like his hourly rate was around $65.00 per hour then.
  3. Southernhighlander

    Boiler Installation Costs

    It depends on where you are as well. A boiler install in Alabama may cost $20,000.00 while installing the same boiler in New York may cost $50,000.00
  4. Southernhighlander

    So many questions...

    Hi Steve, If you want some equipment recommendations or pricing, just let me know. paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.com
  5. Southernhighlander

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Below is a link to a video from the Blue Pearl Distillery showing one of our stills. Note the stainless steel still pot. https://bluepearldistillery.com/
  6. Southernhighlander

    steady take off rate

    Yep, my Danfoss valves are on the input side of the final condenser with the temp probe at the output of the final condenser. The water from the output of the condenser goes into the dephlegmator at the higher temp and everything works great with a nice steady output. We have bypasses set up pretty much like yours are as well. Another good thing to have are 2 different manual steam valves, one for fine control and the other for course control. You can dial the steam in just where you want it. This kind of heat and cooling control keeps things nice and simple which is the way that I like it. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with computer automation, I just like old school simplicity a lot better.
  7. Southernhighlander

    steady take off rate

    Roger, our Danfoss valves are reverse acting proportional control. The orifice opens wider when more coolant is needed and closes more when less coolant is needed but it never closes all of the way with our plumbing method. When we first started testing them, we used one for each dephlegmator and one for the final condenser. That did not work well at all for the dephlegmators, as they had wild temp swings at the dephlegmator. Then we tried using one Danfoss for both the final condenser and the dephlegmator with a very different plumbing method and it worked pretty good on the really big still that we first tried it on but there was still a little surging, however later on we found that on some of the smaller stills and even a couple of big ones that customers were using, the temp swings were still occuring, making it impossible for the still to run correctly. Finally, through a huge amount of trial and error we got it right. We can use one danfoss for the final condenser and dephlegmator and it works great, and those stills are all now running great, except that maybe we missed Blue Star. As soon as I get a chance I will send you the plumbing design and some video of it in operation. The flow is nice and steady.
  8. Southernhighlander

    Control pannel for pot still

    Just checked with my electrical department. We have been upgrading our panel designs every few months for years and I am not allways up to date on all of the specifics. Our current panels have PID setpoint proportional control, meaning that they run full bore (if programmed that way) until a few degrees before the set point temp control is reached and then they work in a proportional manner. He said that they also have pulse. They can be programmed for on off control as well. Even with on off control there is no surging with our baine marie stills because the elements are in the jacket. Since the jacket temp is several degrees above the temp in the pot and the set point only has a 1 degree difference there is no chance of surging. If on the other hand, the elements were in the mash and set point temp control was used, there would be so much surging that it would be impossible to run the still in a timely manner. Also, we improved our design several months ago by adding electromechanical relays. So our panels have both electromechanical relays and SSRs on each element. This provides an extra level of safety because sometimes an SSR can burn out and stick in the on position. If that happens in our panels, the magnetic relay will still switch off the circuit. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that currently our Baine Marie heating system controllers are some of the best in the industry. Our panels currently meet the NEC 409 standard and in just a few short weeks they will have the 508 UL and cUL listing for NEMA4 panels, for the entire device, which only Vendome currently sells with their baine marie stills, as far as I know. Also, next year we will have UL and cUL listings and ASME ratings for our entire baine marie stills, making them the only baine Marie stills that I know of that are legal to run 14psi steam in the jacket in a still with it's own self contained electric heating system. Soon, certain municipalities will start requiring UL device listings for the entire baine marie still. We have had a couple of municipalities ask for that already but since we currently sell the controller as a seperate device from the still we got around that. We have came a long way since I first posted that ugly 55 gallon barrel still on here a little less than 7 years ago. Below is a pic of one of our stills, As you can see she's really purty.
  9. Southernhighlander

    steady take off rate

    Hi Bluestar, Holler at me on my email and we will get it lined out for you. paul@distillery-equipment.com Thank you.
  10. Southernhighlander

    steady take off rate

    Roger is exactly right and he brings up a very good point. The thermostatic valves that he is referencing can really take a load off when it comes to cooling control. We supply Danfoss valves as an option on all of our vodka stills and we have had some customer use them on our 4 plates stills as well. One Danfoss valve will give you automated control over both your final condenser and dephlegmator using our design. Since they are a thermostatic valves, they do not require a power source. We are Danfoss vendors. Adam if you want to go that route, just let me know and I will set you up.
  11. Southernhighlander

    steady take off rate

    The condensers on my stills work just fine with no surging issues and they all have diffusers. I have over 4,000 stills out there that prove that, with a little less than 300 of those in distilleries. In fact my pro series steam fired stripping stills are some of the fastest out there with stripping run times as short as 3 hours from the time that the still is turned on. I only sold Adam his pot. I did not sell him the column and condenser or the heating system. Just wanted to make sure that everyone is aware. Also, we gained over over 76% more efficiency in our 12"x36" tube side condenser when we added my diffuser plate assembly. That is a heck of a lot more than a little. I am not referencing a single plate either, there is a lot more to my diffuser plate assemblies than that. The 12" condenser that I am referencing had a 2" line arm and no splitter, before we added my device.
  12. Southernhighlander

    steady take off rate

    Steve, That could be the problem if the condenser does not have enough tubes in it and if there is not a diffuser plate assembly above the intake tubes of the condenser. We have never experience that issue with the condensers that we build here. In case you don't know, my diffuser plate assembly slows down the vapor velocity so that the vapor spends more time in the tubes and my defuser plate assembly also spreads the vapor out so that it goes through the tubes evenly. My defuser plate assembly also maximizes copper vapor interaction. Adam, If what Steve suggested solves the problem let me know and I will sell you a defuser plate assembly for $49.55. My defuser plate assembly will also make your condenser more efficient so that it does not use as much water. It will also maximize your copper vapor interaction.
  13. Southernhighlander

    Welding question

    Who flamed you? You asked for consultation on the weld and we gave it. No one directed anything negative toward you that I see.
  14. Southernhighlander

    Welding question

    You should reread what the OP wrote. He did not weld it. A welding shop did. The pic makes it look like there is a lot of undercut t when you look at it strait on in the center but if you look at the sides will see that there is very little to no undercut. It's sort of an optical illusion. It's a thousand times better than the dogshit weld. Anyway that is not one of my welds. https://imgur.com/r/Welding/MykRN Anyway let's see yours and I will show you mine😂
  15. Southernhighlander

    Welding question

    The below is what a good sanitary tig weld looks like. Note that the bead looks like a stack of dimes, stretched out. Also note the color of the bead. this is what you want.