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  1. Yes, they must have all required federal and state licenses and permits for me to sell them industrial alcohol. I have all required licenses and permits to sell to my customers. I hold 5 different alcohol permits just from the feds. I basically do everything just like the other bulk alcohol sellers. 2 of my fed permits have to do with using and selling denatured ethanol, which of course does not have an excise tax. Hemp processors are a huge market for bulk ethanol and they pay well. Many just buy 5 gallon containers shipped by fed ex. You must ship in the proper containers that have the correct labels when shipping industrial use ethanol via fed ex. UPS will not ship it. We also sell by the 55 gallon HDPE barrel, 270 gallon tote and by the tanker truck load. Also there are alcohol sales permits for alcohol used in food processing, which after some thought is what I think you need for your potential customer. I don't remember having any problems finding the correct permit applications when I looked for them on line. If you need some help locating the correct permit applications, for you and your potential customer, just let me know and I will look them up and post some links for you.
  2. Hedgebird, There is a huge market for 190 proof bulk ethanol to cannabis and hemp processors. I buy and sell bulk ethanol to hemp processors and they pay the excise tax. The hemp people can get the excise tax back at the end of the year or possibly quarterly. I sell it with the tax included and tell the hemp processor to make sure to get a federal alcohol use permit and to talk to their CPA about getting a refund for the excise tax. One option would be for you to charge the tax and to suggest to your customer that they get the use permit and talk to their CPA about getting the tax back. There may be some way that you can sell it to them as tax free industrial ethonal if they get their tax free alcohol use permit. However, if you do it that way you may need to get a permit to sell alcohol for industrial use from your state and the feds.
  3. If you need equipment, give us a holler: paul@distillery-equipment.com http://distillery-equipment.com
  4. We have just what you need. paul@distillery-equipment.com
  5. Below are some pics of some of the stills that we are currently building: Below is a Signature Series Ultra Pro Vodka Still. I think that our signature series stills are some of the prettiest stills out there.
  6. It's still a step in the right direction.
  7. $2,300.00 for the OSPM for 14 psi steam and around $1,000.00 for the one for 6 psi steam.
  8. Below is a picture of a vendome mash tun. They have been building mash tuns for over 100 years. My design is the same as theirs which is basically the same as 80% to 90% of the grain in mash tuns out there. You see this same tun design at Jack Daniels and Jim Beam and every other large distillery that I have toured. I have never seen a grain in mash tun with an angled shaft with little boat impellers. What brand is your grain in mash tun? Every mash tun that I have ever seen had a vertical shaft and large impellers or if for Barley a large low RPM vertical shaft with rakes and chains or chisels. We have built large numbers of both types and we sell the shit out of them. In fact I sold a 600 gallon one yesterday. .
  9. Below is a picture of one of my inventions. I have mentioned it on here before. It is called an OSPM (open system pressurization module). If you have a baine marie still the addition of this device will turn it into a self contained steam still. Steam has a much better heat transfer coefficient than oil or water, so this device will give you faster heat up and run times. No steam boiler is necessary. Your stills electric heating system creates steam in the jacket. We have several customers using these and they love them. We also have stills available with these.
  10. That's a really good price.
  11. Aside from grain in mashes these tuns are great for rice as well as patato and we have several customers who have been using them for that for years. We have one customer who mashes black eyed peas in one. He has been doing that for over 7 years and as far as I know that tun is still going strong. It is 600 gallon with an 8hp agitator that spins at around 16 RPM.
  12. Baffles are not typically needed in these tuns These mash tuns are specifically built for corn and other grain in mashes. My customers do not generally have any mixing issues with them. In fact we have several customers that have used our mash tuns for years and then purchased larger ones from us. One customer purchased 3, the last one being 2,500 gallon total capacity. His distilling capacity is over 7,000 gallons of mash per day using my stills. All of that mash is done in my mash tuns He is on the forum though I have never seen him post. He has been running my mash tuns for almost 8 years with no mixing issues. You are doing something very different. You will always have temperature differences in different areas of the tun from the bottom to the top and from the center to the outside because the turn over is never instant and other factors. and you will probably allways get chunks of cupcakes because they come in chunks. However that doesn't matter because I am here to help you resolve any issues that you may have. Does your tun have the cooling coil? I do apologize if you received a short thermometer by mistake. We are glad to send you a thermometer with a long probe with a thermowell at no charge for shipping or the parts. As far as the mixing issues with your cupcake mash I am glad to help you solve that issue at no charge. Flipping your lower agitator paddle should be all that you need to do however if that does not work for you I am glad to send you paddles that will give you better mixing, or a baffle. Anyone of these changes will prevent whirlpooling and they won't cost you anything. We have always taken care of any issues that our customers have let us know about and we will always do so. The baffles in our current tuns are removable and there is no possibility of whirlpooling no matter what you are mashing. The baffles are not really needed for grain in mashes like corn and rye however they will improve the mixing of thinner mashes or mashes that start out with chunks like cup cakes.
  13. Roger has the better option. None of my centrifuges can remove water that fast. What's the price for something like that?
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