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  1. natbouman

    Cider to Brandy calculating yield

    Aw, crap. Thank you.
  2. natbouman

    Cider to Brandy calculating yield

    I tried to come up with a predictive excel sheet for giving me an approximate yield of apple brandy from X kgs of apples using an alembic and double distillation. I started with Charles@AEppelTreow's experience based (gleaned from this forum) expectation of PG of hearts/PG in cider of 80%. Could someone tell me where if I'm substantially wrong here? [This post was edited after a correction from JustAndy] 14,705 kg apples My press efficiency 68% 10,000L cider. ABV of cider = 6.5% STRIPPING RUNS: there is 650L pure OH (alc) or 343.2 PG (proof gallons) in the cider Still has 1000L capacity Recovery of pure OH from each stripping run = 96.5% (3.5% left behind in stillage each run). ((650/10)*96.5%) * 10 = 627.25L OH recovered target abv of low wines = 27% total volume of low wines =2323L SPIRIT RUNS: Assuming the still leaves 3.5% of pure OH behind with each full spirit run I can recover about 605.3 pure OH from my 627.25L pure OH. Assuming I recycle heads and tails in subsequent runs and end up discarding 14% (is this very low?) of the 605.3L as foreshots and heads/tails that don't get recycled. I'm left with 520.5L of OH captured as hearts or 275 PG of hearts. This gives me a PG Hearts/PG cider yield of about 80%.
  3. natbouman

    High Acid or Low Acid?

    I haven't heard that apples contain terpenoids.
  4. natbouman

    Boiled linseed oil for oak barrels

    Linseed oil has a strong odor that can persist for quite a while. I'd be worried about it's affect on aroma or flavor.
  5. natbouman

    Direct steam injection

    The description of the eductors on the company's site said don't go over 140F because you risk steam escaping the liquid. Isn't this a concern in a stripping still?
  6. natbouman

    agitator, single or three phase?

    Ah, the direct fire issue always comes up. Thanks for the advice about 3 phase agitators. Very helpful. As for direct fire. We just had a big barn burn down last year. It was an old timberframe, 3 stories. So hot that the metal roof floated off the top like paper. I had about $8,000 of virgin black cherry wood burn up in that fire. Boards 16" wide. Can't replace that--let alone almost losing my own skin getting the tractor out. So, I'm afraid of fire and explosions. It took a lot of research and experience to convince myself that direct fire could be safe as long as the still was never left unattended.
  7. natbouman

    agitator, single or three phase?

    Getting a direct fire, 250 gallon still from Hoga. Included in the invoice is a 1,000 rpm 3-phase XP agitator for $1,320 USD. We don't have 3 phase so I'd need to get a rotary converter or electronic inverter for an additional cost of $500-600. I like the idea of getting the agitator that Hoga has picked because I'm assuming it works well with their stills. Wondering what people think, if telling Hoga to keep the agitator and go with a single phase unit is a better idea or go with the one they're selling.
  8. natbouman

    Hoga Still Heating

    So, based on your formula, Southernhighlander. I've got the following: 264 gallon Hoga still 211 gallon actual fill capacity 4 hour run (probably would be longer, but I'll stick with you number) 422 gallons of condensing water flow rate of 1.76 gallons a minute That sound correct?
  9. natbouman

    Used 1000L pot still

    Looking for a pot still. Direct fire or bain maire. No column. Would prefer about 1000 liter in size with agitator and CIP. All copper. Our ideal setup would be a Charentais alembic.
  10. natbouman

    Does anyone run a continuous still?

    I would imagine that any distillery where time and labor were in short supply (including a small operation that isn't yet self sustaining) could benefit from a continuous still as long as the still could truly be left unattended.
  11. natbouman

    Another Craftsman Copper still under construction

    Love seeing the stages of progress.
  12. natbouman

    Interest in Continuous Stills?

    When you are you lauching a kickstarter, Jim?
  13. The limited distillery license in PA now affords distillers the right to sell and ship directly to customers. Yet, I don't think any distillers are doing this. Can anyone tell me why?
  14. natbouman

    Bottle Pricing

    Yes, the thread you proposed would be amazingly useful. I'd post info right now if I had any.
  15. natbouman

    Using Brett strains

    I also doubt that Brett or any other factor is solely responsible, but I thought someone might hag experimented with cultured Brett.