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Tapered Bottle Labeling Rig - Race Label Machine for Sale


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I got a Race Label machine and it works well enough, but it takes some practice and it is slllllloooooowwwww at one bottle at a time with front and back labels.

So I put my design brain and carpentry skills to work and came up with the jig below.  Two of them back to back and the labeling is no longer the bottleneck (pun intended) with our semi-automated bottling line.  Now my bottling elves can help without needing practice on the Race Label machine.   This jig will keep us going until we need a fully automated line.  

The bottle is a 750ML Tennessee.   Let me know if you are interested in a brand new Race Label machine all set up and ready to go.  I suggest it for a single label application, or if you don't have the carpentry skills to make a jig.



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How about a photo or better still a short video of a label being applied? Please.

edit, I mean the one you made.

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Ok... here is the basic design of the 6x manual tapered bottle labeling jig.  Cut the diameter of the half circles to match your bottle size at the base where it will sit in the jig, and the neck.  If you get a board twice as wide as you need, then cut with a hole saw and rip down the middle and you will have two of these so you can make two jigs.  You don't want the bottle too snug, but you also don't want too much wiggle room.  the spools for the labels are just plumbing parts.  I used a couple of drawer pulls with a string across to line up where the bottom of the label goes.  The only other thing to consider is how you will line up the 180 degree turn for the front and back label.  Our bottles have a notch and I put a screw or long nail as a guide.  Put on the back label for all six, and then turn them all 180 degrees, and affix the front label.  I will look for a video.  With two of these and a 6x pneumatic bottle filler and three people working the line, we can bottle about 150 per hour.   Not bad, but definitely not a long-term system if planning growth. 

Bottling Jig.png


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Thanks for posting the above. I was thinking too fancy,  trying to imagine that you turned a handle and the labels pulled through and applied themselves.

Have seen other wooden holders but for only one bottle at a time, yours should be much quicker.

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Yeah... Sketchup and I have a relationship for quick plans.  Like many distillery founders I am bit of jack of all trades.  Started off wanting to be an architect.  Worked in building construction, cabinet making, plumbing... then IT... then marketing... then business.  But love mechanical design and problem solving... just not a great welder and metal fabricator... but can usually make useful stuff from dead trees.  Pop up a photo when done.  

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Hi Patio29Dadio,

I know it's been a bit since you posted this. Looks like what you created is a way to put the labels on by hand, one at a time but in batches of 6 (or batches of 12 since it's 6 on one side and 6 on the other). Is that right? And you've found this to be faster than the Race labeler? And with your jig you're doing 2 labels per bottle? 

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