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  1. BLOOM in bottle???

    Bloom is caused by repetitive condensation formation and evaporation on the inside of the bottles. Generally this happens on a daily basis when the climate is cold at night and warm during the day and there is moisture in the air. It usually takes 3-6 months of this happening before the white crystallization becomes apparent. If bottles must be stored for longer than 3-6 months, then they should always be stored in a temperature or humidity controlled warehouse. Generally either temperature or humidity control will work. Both are not necessary.
  2. BLOOM in bottle???

    Try a light solution of vinegar and water for cleaning. The vendor should replace the bottles, or pay for your labor to clean them. The only time a vendor would NOT be responsible for bloom in bottles if the bloom formed months after they were sent to you and it was due to the bottles being stored in a non-humidity controlled warehouse.
  3. Metal labels- woodinville

    Hello, we have made these for a number of customers at a very reasonable price - both setup and unit price. Feel free to email: michael@fusion-glassworks.com
  4. T tops

    We have these available. Shoot me an email: michael@fusion-glassworks.com Michael Ferchak www.fusion-glassworks.com
  5. ROPP Cap for Mini's

    Hi Brad, We can do this for you. Do you have artwork yet? Please email me. michael@fusion-glassworks.com Michael Ferchak www.fusion-glassworks.com
  6. Bottle Suppliers

    We'd be happy to help out if you want to send over some details. We have an excellent reputation in the industry and have plenty of references we can share. Please check out our website here: www.fusion-glassworks.com and send an email with details about the project. michael@fusion-glassworks.com Thanks
  7. Bottles, labels, closures

    Hi Justin, Please take a look at our catalog. http://www.fusion-glassworks.com/catalogs/FG-Spirits Catalog.pdf If there is any specific style of bottle or decoration that you would like to see, let me know and we can send samples. (FYI I'm from Quakertown.) -Michael michael@fusion-glassworks.com www.fusion-glassworks.com
  8. Height of Bottle Storage

    You should be able to stack several pallets high without damaging the bottles if they are bulked packed. If they are packed in cardboard cartons, however, the cartons can get damaged. Especially if there is extra space in the cartons to accommodate the closures too. If this is the case, and you want to reuse the cartons, I would not recommend double stacking. We would love to help with our bottle needs. Let me know and we can get a quote drawn up for you. michael@fusion-glassworks.com.
  9. 50ml miniature bottles

    We'd be happy to help. We make minis for many of our customers. Feel free to email me. Michael www.fusion-glassworks.com
  10. Custom Bottle

    We're always happy to help. We've been producing bottles in China for over 10 years and have a great reputation. Happy to provide references on request. www.fusion-glassworks.com -Michael
  11. Custom Bottle

    Hi Mike, 9 times out of 10, if you order bottles from a random chinese company, you will get terrible quality bottles. Both cosmetic and functional defects. That said, there are a handful of factories that are capable of making very good bottles. But even with these factories, you still cannot totally rely on their quality control processes. Your best bet is to work with a U.S. company like us or others like us, who handle all of the chinese manufacturing for you. We have been doing this for over 10 years and have our own team of QC workers on the ground in China. While our prices might not be quite as low as ordering directly from the chinese factory, it is still much lower than American and European glass factories. And we can guarantee that you will receive a high quality product. Not just for the bottles, but also labeling and decoration, closures, shipper cartons, and anything else packaging related. I would be happy to discuss more if you wanted to call or email. michael@fusion-glassworks.com. 855-503-8746. -Michael Ferchak www.fusion-glassworks.com
  12. Looking for Bottle Company

    Feel free to contact me. We specialize in premium spirits bottles. Mostly we make custom bottles, also with the same 20,000 minimum that Rockwood has. But we also have a 4 stock bottles which we keep in inventory that we can sell in smaller quantities. You can see these here: http://fusion-glassworks.com/ordersamples.php Michael Ferchak - michael@fusion-glassworks.com 646-431-0439 Fusion Glassworks. www.fusion-glassworks.com.
  13. Bottle Distributor

    Feel free to contact me. We specialize in premium spirits bottles. Michael Ferchak - michael@fusion-glassworks.com 646-431-0439 Fusion Glassworks. www.fusion-glassworks.com.
  14. What's up with Supreme Corq?

    Please contact Paul at Fusion Glassworks. We provide a full range of synthetic bar top closures and our prices are very competitive. We are also very responsive with our clients. Paul Dunning paul@fusion-glassworks.com 303-335-5429 www.fusion-glassworks.com
  15. Designer bottles

    Fusion Glassworks is an American glass manufacturing and sourcing company with operations based in Shanghai, China. We can offer bottles in pretty much any color. Please send an email and we can talk more. michael@fusion-glassworks.com www.fusion-glassworks.com -Michael