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  1. Basically with a Worm condenser, you are building a potential bomb with pressure build up and in my view point has no place in modern distilling. That said, I further view the manufactured still for this distillery as irresponsible and those responsible need to be held to account. It is high time that once a sized level of commercialisation is reached, all safety aspects and proper process design be taken into account.
  2. Just seen video of this Benchmax. Looks great and appears to tick all bottle labelling requirements.
  3. So what about agitation during the blend.... Clever or not ???
  4. There are numerous food grade hoses on the market. Semperit is one of them. Important is to ensure that they can withstand process steam as this often dtermines the heavy wall thickness and upper temperature limits. .
  5. Odin, do you want to comment on why you are using two digital (bluetooth) thermometers in the center (intermediate) section and what function they serve. One I can get my teeth around, but two ???
  6. Did not understand the above comment. Please expand on this if you are only using beer as the coolant. Please can you post post a process flow diagram of your smaller unit running at 1.5KW.
  7. Hi Amy In this industry, they want esterification and secondly, they don't want carbonation.
  8. Bump …….. still waiting for video # 2. Need to occupy oneself during this 21 day lockdown period on this side of the pond.
  9. Have a look at this. Length made shorter by 5mm either side for welding within ferrule. I have presumed that the 4" ferrule has an ID of 97.6mm. I have presumed that the tube OD is 16mm exact. So the total face to face length of the 4" ferrule is 240mm as previously identified. You will not be able to use the larger 6" dephleg because it will require reducers to fit 6" to 4" and there are height constraints.
  10. Do yourself a favour; 1 Increase outer tube ring qty from 6 to say 8. You have space for this. 2 Change the plate thickess from 0.8mm to say 1.5 or 2mm and also don't chamfer the tube prior to weld. Unless you have a good welder, you will easily burn through the tube and plate. 3 Change total length from 214.2 to at least 250 and better still 300mm
  11. For me the interesting part was starting from 16% and maintaining the 96% until tails. @GENIO I had 2 observations. 1. You've changed your packing from those crazy flimsy thin SPP wire diameters to something more substantial Helical Coil Packing, say Diam 0.9x Diam 10 x 10 and 2. you were running with quite high power at 12 KW.
  12. You're splitting the infinitive. No one expects production distillate during heat up nor stabilisation periods. Really !!!!
  13. Sorry I am out of here. I asked an honest question. Cheers.
  14. Chinese quality is at best dubious. Proper qualitative food grade material supply yields the correct result.
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