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  1. @SlickFloss Please shoot me an email: ari @ thorntondistilling.com
  2. Looking to buy 30-50 barrel racks if anyone's got some they're looking to offload. Located in Illinois. Please PM me with any details.
  3. Please reach out if you have any more in stock: Ari@Thorntondistilling.com
  4. Looking for a mash tun with a false bottom capable of producing 16 barrels of high gravity wash. Should have an agitator (rakes preferred) and side manway for removing grain. Heating not essential but cooling preferred. Located in IL.
  5. Where do you ship from? Noticed you have a few locations?
  6. Hi Rick, I'm sorry but this has been sold. All the best.
  7. What milling specs would you use for grain-in malt whiskey mashes? Looking for thoughts as they relate to efficiency and ease of processing/pumping. Are there any downsides to milling to/near flour? I recently tried a mash with malt milled to 1.8 and had a lot of problems running the mash through my impeller pump.
  8. We are building out new production space and selling this 150 gallon All-Copper Pot Still. Custom fabricated in Bucyrus, OH for the distillery. Approx 1 year old. Includes agitator, parrot with thermometer and barrel hardware. Heated by low pressure steam coils. The pot, neck, lyne arm, condenser and parrot all copper. Price is $15k. Located in the Chicago area. Please PM me with any questions regarding the still. Cheers,
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