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  1. Well, now we have these top bung barrels, and would like instead to store them on their sides, horizontal on a barrel rack. Any experience with that? Will top bung stay closed? Hate to see prized product coming out where it shouldn't. Plus, thinking to add bung hole in a stave after we've done that. Any recommendations on bung hole cutters? The horizontal storage works better for us but need to make some adjustment in these top bung barrels. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks in advance on getting a handle on Indiana's rules for shipping finished bottled products to wholesaler or distributor in Indiana. regards to all,
  3. advertising publicly varies by Reg D 506 b, 506 c, Reg S, Reg CF. Some of the earlier, older information is not now correct and is overly cautious (though accurate at the time, BITD). It is not a requirement that all be accredited investors. YMMV.
  4. we recently received an unsolicited inquiry from what seemed to be a legit company in South Africa near Johannesburg. We have determined in our due diligence and know-your-customer process that this company is in a deregistration status and not able to conduct transactions in accord with South African law (for not filing annual returns for 3 years). We are not sure this was a variation of the more common nigerian prince concept 🙂 (or not) since there was an actual company. Details on request if you have had a similar experience. Don't be afraid to contact local foreign authorities, in E
  5. adding to this 3 (!) year old discussion, I see that from this cut/paste that "vodka" is neutral spirits (so NGS) which (may be) (has been?) treated with up to 2g/L of sugar and 1g/L citric acid. It seems then that adding sugar and citric to NGS accomplishes the goal. Ditto taking the NGS and adding (and removing) not less than 1oz activated carbon/charcoal per 100 wine gallons. Thus no filtering required? Only some additions? Is that the correct assessment? If this is a pre-approved formula per https://www.ttb.gov/images/pdfs/rulings/2016-3.pdf then it seems no formula is required
  6. Hi Fiji, re: questions: Does not heat the spirit; rate of flow is variable (VFD); wood chips used is from various suppliers (this is one: https://www.northmountainsupply.com/north-mountain-supply-american-oak-chip-fines-clone-.html); I would think you'd want to filter in any case. I have tried spirits (flavored whiskey, mostly fruit flavors it seems in their product list) used in this process (award winning product line as far as I know) from another distillery in Wash State. I know of another in New Mexico. An article about use of the technology: https://www.profoodworld.com/processi
  7. To quickly simulate age or flavor your whiskey or other spirits: Available at our distillery in Everett, WA is one Hydrodynamics 304 Stainless Steel 8x2 Shockwave Power Xtractor spirits cavitation unit. We purchased this for a project and then focused elsewhere, so this is just as we received it out of the box/crate, and we have never used it. The Shockwave is used in conjunction with wood chips or flavorings to add flavor to simulate prolonged aging of spirits, this is a super product, but not now part of our direction. You can see the demo here: https://www.hydrodynamics.com
  8. We're happy with our glass, but find that our wood t-tops have about a 10% to 12% fail rate (poor wood, unfinished wood, chips, rough wood on the top so tamper strips won't adhere) on the appearance side - naturally they "close" the bottle and fit, but the fail rate is excessive, and we'd like to not use the same vendor again. Samples were nice, but the big box/bag-in-box shows they were mfg'd too quickly or with little QC. Welcome all ideas, with thanks. (Also any art projects ideas we can use for our collection of unusable t-tops? 🙂 )
  9. Did you pick a printer, Hudson Bay (or Sudzie)? We're looking for some options for specialty labels for limited releases.
  10. re: FedEx, and their software (no responses from FedEx on these issues): We have noticed recently that since late 2019 the FedEx software will autofill their alcohol code ($AW), whether it is or not, which leads to apparent alcohol shipment(s) when the shipment is a non-alcoholic product. Recommendation: as last step, be sure to delete that shipping code manually if not alcohol, otherwise it creates incorrect alcohol shipment records. You may have to also manually remove the adult signature option. Then recheck the rates. Fedex online logon fails on Firefox. We have shifted to Ch
  11. also interested in photo if available.
  12. re-reading that too and open to giving up my science badge. I see "Dark for 7 weeks" retained 58.7% color; light for 7 weeks, only 48.9% of color retained. But then the verb changed, so "color retention...decreased to" 93.5% (from 100%?) meaning only 6.5% loss(?) at -4C, while retained 95.4% at-75C. We don't have a freezer at -75C if that was the article's recommendation. A -4 C we could perhaps recommend (25 degrees F, plus or minus). I wonder why the article's authors jumped from -4C to -75C (-103 F). Neither of those temps seem to be normal food service/industry standards, tho
  13. in the dark and the cold, sounds like a freezer vodka/gin/spirit.
  14. Interested for a blending project. Send me a note, Stumpy's? Forum says you can't receive msgs (?). Thanks.
  15. we're good. we reduced the % of botanical load and combined with 0.5 micron filtration. We were OK on proof, but had more botanicals than required for we wanted to achieve.
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