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  1. Broken glass? If so they told us directly that the Snap51 was also unrepairable because it was "one sealed unit".
  2. Anton Paar got dropped and the glass screen is broken. Device works fine but we are not using it as a we do not want to risk getting glass in our product. Sales rep told our other distiller that "we need to buy a new one due to the way they are manufactured". To me this seems like nothing more than replacing a smart phone screen (other than the odd shape). Anyone else have to deal with this? -Thanks
  3. Not an option on the Snap 51.
  4. Don't think you can. Just x2.
  5. We use Still House (5X) which now purchased Whiskey Systems. Not perfect but pretty good. I like the layout. There are a few quirky things but they are responsive to input and quick to reply whenever we have an issue.
  6. Just confirmed with the FDA directly. You are correct! Thanks for the heads up
  7. Not finding this latest guidance. Still seeing the Tert-Butyl Requirement. Can you send a link? Thanks,
  8. Been following the ASCA guidelines but didn't catch the dropping of the tert-butyl requirements. Thanks.
  9. Proofing our hand sani on a high end desktop Anton Parr. Every batch so far has required more water than it should to cut to 160 proof. I'm counting the peroxide and glycerin as cutting agents but one of the two seems to have little effect on cutting the proof. I know structurally that glycerin is an alcohol. Could it be adding volume without cutting proof? I've done some research but can't seem to find any answers. Anyone having similar issues or know more about this? Thanks,
  10. Anyone have a line on a supplier this? Looking to do it by the book. Formula 40-B. Denatonium Benzoate and Tert-Butyl Alcohol. We had a line on some but the company backed out due supposed concerns about topical use in hand sanitizer. Thanks.
  11. https://www.dmhingredients.com/
  12. Our tasting room wants to begin selling crowlered cocktails filled from pre-batched kegs. We are already selling kegeed cocktails by the glass and there is an SOP for each cocktail. The question we are trying to find and answer to is do we have to submit those SOPs to the TTB since each crowler will be hand labeled. We are planning on selling 12oz crowlers because we were informed that 32oz was not an approved size for spirits. However, my research has turned up a bar is FL that is selling 32oz crowlered cocktails that are hand labeled. Is it different because that do not have a DSP? Anyone have any experience in this area? Thanks,
  13. SteelB - I'm in the same boat here. We get to distill some interesting stuff.Recently used a distilled stout as a base spirit for a coffee liqueur.
  14. Thanks for the help guys. I assumed DSS from the start but there was push for the word "whiskey" from above so I asked.
  15. A few years ago we distilled a unfinished production beer. The wash we pulled from the fermenter included sucrose that was added at the end of the boil. The spirit has been hanging out in barrels for the last 2+ years and now we are thinking of doing a special release. Does the addition of the sucrose change the TTB designation we need to apply for on this spirit? Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks,
  16. Just introducing myself. My name is Darren.I'm a distiller with Dogfish Head Distilling Company. We'll be doing a lot of product development and R&D distilling this year so I'm sure I'll be reaching out and picking some brains as the need arises. Cheers!
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