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  1. International Molasses has dry evaporated cane juice also.
  2. McKee is correct. Ash content can vary from 1% to 15 % depending on the amount of processing. Usually the price will vary accordingly. It's all about the sugars.
  3. The above attack on Malt Products is unfair. I have worked for them for over 20 years and have been very satisfied with their products and service, as have their thousands of customers. They offer multiple grades of molasses at a range of prices. As a general rule, the quality of the molasses purchased is directly related to the price paid. Many able craft distillers can make a beautiful aged rum from blackstrap: some prefer high sugar fancy molasses. I am not sure of your motives but think it might be sales inspired.
  4. Food grade Black Pearl molasses, conventional or organic: blackstrap, Fancy Caribbean, Distiller's Light also agave nectar, rye extract, malt extract. mike@maltproducts.com
  5. Molasses man here, I rep for Int. Molasses. Would be happy to provide spec sheets (COA)for all Black Pearl products. Not sure how much value a small sample would have. We suggest buying a few pails to play around with.
  6. Generally, cane molasses is either the by-product of a sugar mill in the manufacture of raw sugar or it can be the end product when no raw sugar is made and molasses of very high quality is the objective. The cane juice is boiled and thereby concentrated. This high concentration liquid is cjm (cane juice molasses). If the boiling continues, the liquid can be crystalized and the result is raw sugar. The raw sugar crystals are removed from the pot to dry and the remaining liquid (1st boil molasses) can be re-boiled to remove more raw sugar. This is repeated until the remaining liquid (blackstrap molasses) becomes uneconomical to continue the raw sugar extraction process. At each stage, the resultant molasses has less natural sugar and more ash content.
  7. Has anyone heard of using invert sugar syrup as an addition to molasses to develope a "smoother" product?
  8. Single 5 gallon pails of blue agave nectar are $120 each, fob Dayton, OH. Quantity discounts available. mike@maltproducts.com
  9. Molassesman, Mike here, we offer Caribbean molasses, not necessarily Barbados just Caribbean source. We also offer light color distillers molasses and a distillers grade blackstrap. Some folks want the romance of the caribbean, some are looking for reducing sugars. Additionally we have Blue Agave Nectar. mike@maltproducts.com
  10. Has anyone heard of this? Saw it advertised on an international website. They indicated invert sugar is added to increase fermentable sugars. Has anyone tried this?
  11. I understand the sulfur in molasses can cause problems for copper stills. Be careful with blackstrap molasses, especially refiners molasses where sulfur compounds are used to extend the amount of sucrose extracted from the raw sugar. We sell all grades from mill molasses to refiners molasses, black strap to pure cane juice molasses, organic to conventional. Also malt extract and blue agave nectar. Specifications, samples and discussion is free.
  12. We have imported blue agave nectar for distilling. Can provide specifications and details. Available in pails, drums and 275 gallon totes. Also malt extract and distiller's grade molasses.
  13. molassesman


    Looking for high quality food grade, low sulfur molasses, let me know. Can provide specifications, sugar profile, etc.
  14. A newbie here. Attended the Craft Show and very impressed. My Company sent me to look for possible ingredient sales, molasses, malt extract, agave nectar. We have the goods, all distiller grade, organic or conventional, liquid or dry.
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