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  1. Interested to learn a little more about them. eli@baltimorespiritsco.com
  2. The Baltimore Spirits Company is seeking an Assistant Distiller to expand production of its flagship Epoch Straight Rye Whiskey and line of innovative, world class spirits. This position will be the first addition to the production team and will work closely with the Head Distiller in all aspects of operation from scrubbing floors to R & D Job Description: Assist in all aspects of distillery operations including but not limited to mashing, distilling, bottling, proofing, liqueur production Maintain a clean, safe, and organized work space General warehousing including
  3. We are using Foamsol-30 at a rate of 5 ml/hL in the fermenter and 10ml/hL in the still. Does anyone have a recommended dosing rate besides this one (this is what is recommended for brew kettles). As an update, we also lowered the amount of grain we were using per batch and that seemed to have a positive effect-we made it through 2 stripping runs and there was only a slight residue, and the spirit run was great. I think it was mostly the sulfur compounds in the grain since we are distilling on grain, but the ferm-cap also makes sense. Thanks for all the insights.
  4. We have a steam boiler and internal coils. Does not appear to be scorching, though there does appear to be scale forming after a single run. We're currently looking into our water treatment and enzyme dosage as starting points.
  5. Hi, we have a pot still and are distilling on the grain and we've noticed a silver metallic build-up that will occur after just one run of our 250 gal still. Does anyone have any experience with this? Otherwise the quality of the spirit seems good, but because our still is 1/2 the size of our fermenters it would be ideal if we could prevent this so we don't have to break down and clean between every stripping run. Other spirits (apple brandy and gin) have been run through with no similar problems. I've attached a picture of the lyne arm after a single run. We suspect there may have been some
  6. We're making a ginger liqueur from apple brandy (macerating apple brandy, distilling, then sweetening). Do you just use white sugar in your lemoncello?
  7. We're shooting for 4g sugar per oz of product. Anything I should know about sweetening agents? Our initial recipe calls for apple juice, white sugar, and molasses. The sweetness seems about right in terms of sugar, but just not incorporated into the spirit so much as some liqueurs (maybe this just develops in the bottle?). The mouthfeel might be a little thin.
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