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  1. We have a used 4 head filler for sale. Please dm me for more info
  2. Are you looking for a 4 head bottle filler that is in great shape? We have an almost new Vinters Vault 4 head filler. Used only for 8 weeks for a special project. We bought it for 1700 and would sell for 1200. It is this unit with stainless steel float. https://www.thevintnervault.com/bottle-fillers-bottle-filler-pro-4-spout-with-stainless-steel-float-bf-1091/ If interested please send me your email address in DM. Thank you for your time
  3. We have 15 gallon exbourbon barrels regularly. Please email sales@blackbuttondistilling.com to setup a shipment.
  4. August 4th 2021 is the auction. More info is listed here https://blackbirdauctions.hibid.com/catalog/294963/whiskey-exchange-2106786/?ipp=10
  5. I've got another tractor trailer load of Canadian Whiskey coming into the USA in two weeks for a number of contract clients. If folks would like a pallet or two or more I have space to bring them onboard. The whiskey is light and sweet with great caramel and toffee notes. But look at that age statement and these great prices! Would be great in canned cocktails, as part of a blend or by itself! Let’s talk if you or anyone you know might have interest. Please DM me your email address and I will reach out. Details on the whiskey are below in the attachment. If the ad is up the barrels are still available. I will update with info as inventory narrows.
  6. NY based distillers should join the New York State Distillers Guild Our website http://www.nydistilled.com/ please contact us at newyorkstatedistillersguild@gmail.com
  7. Just filter it through double thick cheesecloth. It will take the particles out
  8. Dates for Three Day Distilling Courses: September 16, 17, 18 2016 Craft Distilling Experience Knowledge is power and here at Black Button Distilling we endeavor to share with our guests the knowledge necessary to feel confident in opening their own craft distillery. Interested parties will include whiskey and gin lovers, entrepreneurs and those seriously considering or in the process of opening a craft distillery. Our 3 day program will run from 9am-5pm each day and will include breakfast and lunch. The price is $950 per person with a second person from the same distillery being ½ price. (call us to run this discount 585-730-4585) This class is geared towards those who already possess a basic understanding of spirits and distillation and are looking to make the jump into commercial distillation. Although all are welcome to attend to the class will be business and production oriented. Topics to be covered: • Class Introductions • History of Black Button • In-depth factory tour • Branding and label development • Marketing strategies • Making the most of Social Media • Picking a glass bottle • Finding a label printer • Business Planning • Writing a successful Business Plan • Finding and working with distributors • Sales team management • Paying your TTB taxes • Getting your TTB Bond • Safety • Insurance/ Licensing • Recipe development • Basics of Mashing • Fermentation procedures • Gin Development • Infusions • Basics of Distilling and making cuts • Reviews and awards • Equipment Sourcing • Filtering equipment • Hoses, valves and custom equipment • Equipment needs • Credit Card processing • Tasting of Spirits from barrels • Barrel aging theory and fundamentals Interested parties should visit our website to sign up or send their name, distillery name, address, email and phone number as well as payment to Black Button Distilling 85 Railroad Street, Rochester NY 14609. For further information please call 585-730-4512 or email us at cheers@blackbuttondistilling.com More information available here https://blackbuttondistilling.com/product/three-day-distilling-course/
  9. We also use Laser - ON Products I would highly recomend them.
  10. We have some freshly dumped 5 gallon barrels for $160 each.
  11. We just use regular tap water to water down our mash for redistillation.
  12. Does anyone have any more info on this topic? I would love to learn more about it.
  13. Waterloo Container in Waterloo NY has some
  14. The only place I have seen that still has barrels are these guys. But the biggest they make is the 20 liter which works out to 5.2 gallons. We are trying some so I can let you know how they turn out in a few months. http://www.northamericanbarrel.com/Craft-Whiskey-Barrel-for-the-Home-p/blackband-barrel.htm
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