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Bonding Wires


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I need to pick up a couple of bonding wires. Those offered at Amazon or Grainger are crappy with small clips or very expensive.  29 CFR 1910.106 advises stranded wire for temp connections. I see nothing preventing me from using a standard battery cable -- they're heavy duty (well at least for static dissipation) at 6 gauge and long enough to be of use.  I can't think of any reason why these wouldn't be acceptable as long as you have an SOP covering continuity testing.  Thoughts? 



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I'm not 100% On the NEC rules more familier with the CEC...not sure what your wanting to bond or ground as your post doesn't say if it has AC for heating or coolingor ?It will make a difference with rules and regs..for the wire type.. but seeing it's for Temp...purposes you'll want to have it easly disconected 

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