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Free samples to distributor?


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hello, sorry to be a newbie but we are currently distributing in TN but have a company in CA that would like to distribute us. As you can imagine we are excited. When they just sent us their first PO they included 1 case of each of our spirits as free samples. Our current TN distributor pays for their samples at a discounted rate. With no experience with this I wanted to ask if free samples is a typical situation with a distributor or out of the ordinary? Thanks for any help. Cheers!

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There are distributors that will request that they can have free samples, usually this is stated in the contract, and usually the amount is limited to a percentage of the total amount purchased. And I have had our CA distributor ask for a very limited number of free samples. On the other hand, my experience with the 3 distillers we have used in IL is similar to yours in TN, they will charge back 50% of the price of stock on hand that they pull for samples.

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