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  1. Oh wow. That is affordable and at a scale/footprint many small guys can afford!
  2. Blue Label Digital Printing
  3. That has been my experience with barrel finished whiskeys.
  4. For high solid liquids you must do benchtop distillation to determine proof without an approved unit. TTB has video walkthrough of the process. if you have the money, a DMA with an alcolyzer will save you sooooo much time in the long run (for a price).
  5. The proof in the tank at the end of hearts is not necessarily what gets barreled. In fact if your hearts tank is 145 at the end of hearts, that isn’t what gets barreled.... Not sure about Australian law, but in America we can’t barrel over 125proof for bourbon.
  6. I was under the impression that bourbon can’t come off the still over 160 proof. Is it only the final proof in the tank at the end of the run that matters for regulations?
  7. What type of spirit are you making?
  8. Are there any craft guys that use dewatering screws that process less than 10,000lbs of grain a week?
  9. I was having problems burning thru my USFIP impellers. The solution was to leave it disassembled every night and allow the neoprene to dry/breath. The past two impellers have lasted 8+ months each. I love my USFIP and the supplier has been very responsive/helpful.
  10. I have local craft breweries beating down my door willing to pay $150-200 a barrel for fresh dumps. Personally I don’t think double new oak sub 3 year rye is the answer, but you asked a question I could answer.
  11. It is one way to make younger whiskey show a little better given the same time. Two years in first barrel, one year in second will generally show better than if you had left it in the original cask for three years. This is of course completely subjective, but young cash strapped shops will do anything to make their not ready juice sellable.
  12. A supposedly Japanese buyer contacted us about exporting/purchasing. We told him that we do not export currently. He offered to pay retail and pick up $12,000 personally. At this point we did not trust where this was headed. We were then wired $30,000. He asked for us to refund the difference. At this point we knew for sure this was a scam and got the bank involved.
  13. I am not making claims to what is delicious. Environment has an effect on barrels. If you think mash gas and raw grain dust make for a perfect environment, power to you. Lots of people could care less how their barrels are stored, I guess you are one of them.
  14. There are more than a couple examples of people crediting their aging environment to flavors in the spirit. Jefferson’s Ocean is one.
  15. Barrels breath. Plenty of people don’t care, you see it everyday. Ever tasted raw grain in aged whiskey? A local shop had their mill in the same room as their storage and all the barrels were covered in grain dust. The barrels had a raw grain/moldy must flavor. I have no science to back up my anecdote. Plenty of people don’t care.
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