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Best Options for Online Sales


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I live in a state that has limited options for shipping product out of state direct to consumers.  Previously we worked with an online operation based in D.C. that retailed our product, but they seem to be closing down.  I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for online distribution?  Not really looking for anything that needs to move thousands of bottles but it would be nice to have an option for the occasional person that wants to buy our stuff from out of state.  East coast preferable but would love to hear about any organization and your experience with them.  Thanks in advance!



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With Ezra's being acquired and the resulting hiatus, Binny's and Ace's Independent are the two largest online retailers still fulfilling to large portions of the US. There are numerous other smaller operations, depending on what market you are seeking to target.

Once you have found one, please let us know so we can add it to your cart in our app (if you're on it). If you need some help, drop us a line.


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We're in talks with something pretty exciting that's set to launch in the next few months...contract isn't fully executed so can't give details publicly but shoot me an email if you want me to keep you in the loop when we're ready to talk. National (within reason, but really good!) online coverage for sales and sampling plus if you get in through The Crafty Cask we'll be providing some free promotional support as it launches which will help raise awareness of all the distillers involved with us. I'm super excited about it...much needed in our industry!  suzanne@thecraftycask.com

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