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Hi Everyone!

I've been benefiting from everyone's knowledge for the past year and a half, thank you! I finally signed up for an account and hope to one day be of help to others. My wife and I have been planning to open a distillery in our hometown, Waterford, WI, for two years now. We purchased a building on Main Street this summer and are in the process of filling out the DSP application and getting our ducks in a row at the state and local level. We still have a lot to learn, but we have been so impressed with the professionalism and kindness we have seen so far from members of the industry! 


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Would you be willing to talk to me about how you got to this point?  I am thinking about doing exactly the same thing in Oshkosh.

I even have an old building picked out that would be a great site.

My email is sturgeonspirits @ g mail.com  if you are willin!




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@bbegotka welcome to the forum, I do distillery planning and consulting, if you need any help in planning your distillery or want to do an affordable hands on distillery training shoot me an email. Cheers, --KB Distillerynow@gmail.com

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