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Keen Beverage

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  • 1 year later...

A cursory search finds the principle was previously Pearson & Pearson, and also Boffo Brands.

Nothing wrong with changing your company name, but...I'd think most would want to parlay a successful reputation into more business.  So perhaps not a successful reputation...?

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I also received an email from him. Emailed back with a fairly detailed response with specific questions included. Got a response back today, very generic and basically the same info as the intro email without addressing the questions posed so doesn't really inject confidence.

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  • 2 years later...

I had reach out to him before when it was "Boffo", I asked him (because it is clearly just one dude) for a reference but he said his customer list was private.

I saw that as an immediate red flag. He is either lying about ever having any customers, or he has no customers that would recommend him

No one who does a good job, and is confident in the job they do, would shy away from giving references.

And also, too many name changes. The only good reason a company changes its name is:
1. Merger
2. A Split

Any other "rebranding" is almost always an attempt to get away from (hide) the reputation the previous name gave you. Like "facebook" becoming "Meta" after being labeled as the big bad company. Or "Twitter" becoming "X" because... well not really sure.

So yeah, this guy seems to try really hard to get clients, but the fact that there are several of these threads about his company (search: Boffo, Pearson & Pearson, Keen (I think there is another name as well)) with no one recommending him, yeah.. red flag...

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