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  1. I'm interested. Was the panel put together with listed components? And/or inspected and certified after configured?
  2. Good morning everyone! I have a ton of hard red wheat that was grown for me by a local farmer/friend/neighbor that I will not be able to get through and would like to offer it up to other craft distillers. I don't have the exact variety in my memory (I can certainly get it if that's important to you) but the value of this wheat is that it is lower in protein (i.e. less foaming issues) than standard wheat that is sold on the market. It tested at 10.2% protein when we harvested, can/will test again for verification. This is in comparison to 14% protein which is what farmers target to not be
  3. Glenlyon - Thanks! I hadn't come across Xanthan Gum in my online searches. SlickFloss - It's a fruit liqueur I make in house. Pick the fruit, boil it down to a syrup. I appreciate the info, I'm just trying to get an idea of what people are using. I've come across cornstarch, gelatin, agar agar, arrowroot, glycerine, and now the 2 that Glenlyon mentioned. I'll probably end up get a little of each one and trying out to see what I like best.
  4. I'm curious what those of you who make liqueurs use to thicken it to get a satisfactory mouth feel? I'm happy with the sweetness so I don't want to continue to just dump sugar in. Any and all input and suggestions are welcome! Thanks everyone
  5. I do nearly exactly what you are proposing. Small still (50 gallon) running evenings and weekends with a day job M-F. It can be done if you put the time in. The bigger factor I think some may be leaving out is the demand. You can have a giant still, but if there isn't demand for your product then what good is all of that capacity? You didn't mention whether your distillery would be in a city or a rural space. I can crank out plenty of product and have inventory ready to be sent out, but if you don't have either a good distributor or someone you've got doing sales for you it doesn't matter. My
  6. I was able to login a week or so ago.
  7. http://distilling.com/wp-content/themes/TFA-ADI/images/uploads/2017/04/2017-Survey-of-State-Tasting-Room-Laws-for-Craft-Distilleries.pdf
  8. Did some digging on my transaction after seeing this posted. Tracing back the number that appears on my credit card statement, the google research connects it back to the "Russian Federation". There are also 2 facebook pages each with a different number, so my conclusion is that there is an individual or group posing as Atlas Barrel. So it's possible there is a legitimate Atlas Barrel and a fraud.
  9. Same. Got told twice that production was delayed due to supply problems. Finally quit waiting and demanded a refund, was told in April the refund check would be sent out the following day. Still nothing.
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to start getting into MN for sales/distribution and have been making sure to get all necessary permits/registrations. They require an importer license but I'm confused on who it is that should be holding that. Do we as a supplier file that? Is it the distributor? Is there a third party broker like entity that does it? Anyone that's distributed in MN from another state that can help me understand what I need to do? Thanks!
  11. Hi All, Wanted to get some input from others that probably more well versed in regs than I on this. I currently operate in a small(ish) rented space located in town, I plan to get into my whiskey and brandy production soon and may run out of space to store barrels while product ages. A solution I'm considering is storing at a different location which I know is allowed. Here is the potential problem, the location I want to store the barrels at is my farm which is located across the state line. Operation/production in ND, farm is in MN. Distance wise it maybe 15 miles, but crossing into ano
  12. Red Pine

    Odin on Gin

    I would definitely want to attend this if/when it's set up!
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